Tray Forming Machine

Tray forming machines are widely used for creating paper hamburger boxes, french fry containers, cake boxes, paper trays, food pail boxes, etc.

  • Single Lane Tray Former, ZX-1200

    Single Lane Tray Former, ZX-1200

    This fully servo driven tray forming machine is designed to construct various types of cardboard food containers and corrugated trays, such as hamburger boxes, hot dog trays, take-out boxes, french fry containers,

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  • Double Lane Tray Former, ZX-1600

    Double Lane Tray Former, ZX-1600

    Double lane tray former is designed with compression module to directly erect cardboard food boxes and trays which are suitable for both liquid and solid foods, it significantly increases efficiency compared to conventional box folding gluing machine which requires two steps to conduct.

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  • High Speed Double Lane Tray Former, ZX-2000

    High Speed Double Lane Tray Former, ZX-2000

    ZX-2000 high speed tray forming machine is suitable for creating carton box erecting, particularly cardboard food containers, such as hamburger boxes, takeaway boxes, punnets, etc. Compared to conventional carton box formers, this high speed double lane tray former is featured by higher production speed, increased production capacity, lower labor cost.

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FEIDA specializes in designing and manufacturing premium quality paper and carton converting machinery used to fabricate disposable paper products and cardboard food containers. Our paper packaging product making machines are developed in response to the global supporting of green packaging, helping the environment by spreading the use of eco-friendly packaging products.

We pride ourselves in our expertise and products. FEIDA is based on the belief that the quality and durability of every single part of the machine is the key criteria. And we are continually pushing the limits of our know-how and constantly improving our entire team.

FEIDA offers a broad range of paper converting machinery for global food manufacturers, catering companies, beverage suppliers and packaging companies, and provides innovative solutions tailored to their applications needs.